The Rove is a small press and "institute" for disruptive creativity.

We publish original books, a quarterly arts magazine, online articles, and whatever else we want.

We're now taking submissions for the debut issue of our quarterly magazine. Due to release this upcoming spring, The Rove No. 1 will showcase:

  • 1 fictionist
  • 1 nonfictionist
  • 1 poet
  • 1 visual artist
The magazine showcases each contributor by publishing one primary, featured piece of their work, an interview, and a selection of their other works as accompaniment to the featured piece.

We are also accepting submissions for book-length manuscripts; see full guidelines in the "Books" category.

What do we want?

We seek original works of critically subversive writing and art. And we don't discriminate between experimental or traditional forms, and we're not loyal to a particular style or tone. What's most important to us in a manuscript is the urgency of the subject matter, the care and rigor with which the subject is handled, and the number of diamond rings accompanying it.*

For prose and poetry we ask that you submit 1 primary piece, which cannot have been previously published, and 1-5 supplementary pieces. Supplementary pieces can be previously published; if your primary piece is accepted, then your supplementary pieces will appear in the magazine as part of your showcase.

Visual & comic book artists may submit up to 10 pieces.

  • Prose submissions should be in Standard Manuscript Format, please and thank you.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine. Just let us know if any of your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • Multiple submissions are not fine.

Find more specific guidelines in each category.

*Just kidding, no bribes.

At present, we're able to compensate magazine contributors with $150 and a contributor copy. We are actively raising funds to increase our contributor payments.

Authors will receive a small advance and 50% royalties.

We welcome submissions of articles to be posted on our website. These can be opinion pieces, journalism, craft essays, photo/video essays, or whatever form of content you'd like.

You may submit pieces on any subject, but we encourage topics that relate, whether concretely or abstractly, to The Rove's mission, which is to "support critical literature and art, and to foster a sustainable, socially engaged community of diverse artists."

Unfortunately we are unable to pay article contributors at this time; however, all contributors will receive a free digital copy of The Rove Magazine's most current issue.

Some guidelines:
  • Written pieces should be no more than 2,500 words
  • Audio/video pieces should be no more than 10 minutes
  • Visual content such as photos should be submitted as an attachment here; please submit multiple files within a single .zip folder